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    Patron Member - Frank Van Massenhove

    President of the Belgian Federal Social Security Service

    Brussels, Belgium

    Frank Van Massenhove is the President of the Belgian Federal Social Security Service. Most importantly, he is a world-renowned expert of creating workplaces of the future today. He and his staff created a revolutionary workplace at the headquarters of the Belgian Social Security Ministry in Brussels, which is an example of how to make change happen in the workplace – and particularly the public sector. Frank has lectured on the revolutionary work-space that he and his team created and is a true enthusiast for making change happen.

    Due to his efforts, a Belgian Ministry has been able to embrace the future, today, creating exciting, productive and cost effective workspaces. A law graduate from the University of Gent, Frank began his career as a labour schemes expert in the Flemish Government and was then Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Gent and then Chief of Staff to the Belgian Minister of Social Affairs.

    These resources are available for use in publishing articles for the press, magazines, interviews, broadcast and electronic media. The material should be used exclusively for Frank Van Massenhove and should not be used out of context or where Frank in not the main focus of the article.

    All materials remain the property and copyright of the FutureWork Forum.