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    The Partners - Goran Hultin

    Demographer and Workforce Consultant

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Göran combines international and national experience of labour markets with private sector industry and business experience. He has more than 15 years experience in international labour market legislation and regulation.

    Recently he was Assistant Director General of the ILO and Executive Director of the Employment Sector where he was globally responsible for developing employment strategies and the implementation of job creation, enterpise development and human skills development. In this capacity, he had the opportunity to work closely with labour ministries in all parts of the world.

    He now works with governments and leading organizations on policy and practice by building public private partnerships to improve labout performance and business strategy, aligning business goals with corporate values, building management - labour relations, developing training strategies to meet skill and competency needs. He is advisor to the Shanghai Municipal Labour and Social Security Bureau and governmental affairs advisor to Manpower Inc.

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