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    Employing The Next Generation
    Employing the Next Generation
    The FW Forum's investigation into what 7000 graduates think about their prospects of employment
    Leadership and Talent Development in International Organisations
    Leadership and Talent Development in International Organizations
    Mike Johnson's guide to the Leadership issues of International Organizations
    Transforming the human element of business
    What we do

    The FutureWork Forum is devoted to exploring the working world of tomorrow. We do that by using the skills, experience and inventiveness of our partners – calling on them as necessary to assist in our own projects and the needs of our public and private client base. The broad range of talent assembled in our partnership ensures that we can respond to practically any request that concerns the future of work at anytime and anywhere around the globe. More than that, the contacts and relationships that the FutureWork Forum partners bring to the organization means that we can call on hundreds of other experts to solve problems and meet opportunities.

    This huge range of operational expertise translates into FOUR key areas:

    Groundbreaking Research

    The FutureWork Forum’s partners sponsor a series of ongoing research programs, including investigations into Future Youth Employment, the FUTURE of the WORKPLACE, and a series of studies devoted to the 'NEXT Generation in Europe'. Many of these initiatives can be seen on the website.

    FWF Vision

    Based on our research, FWF vision is a series of 'white papers', designed to promote the FutureWork Forum’s view of key issues around the future of work. These are circulated to opinion formers, industry analysts and anyone concerned with the developing workplace.

    Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

    Based on our research initiatives and carefully developed views, the FutureWork Forum create conferences, seminars, workshops and other events to encourage discussion and debate of key topics and issues. Additionally, we provide “guest faculty” for conferences and forums around the world and partner with other organizations to reach the broadest audience possible.

    Private Client Work

    We have worked with some of the world’s biggest organizations and institutions and also some of the smallest (and most influential), to provide information and insights into the world of work and how it will affect all of us in the future. Our partners count many of the world’s major institutions as their clients including the World Economic Forum, the International Federation of the Red Cross, the United Nations and Fortune 500 firms.

    Please visit 'The Partners' section to discover the huge range of skills and experiences we can bring to solving problems and creating opportunities across the world of work