Chris Hood

T: + 44 7979 267355

Based in Puddletown, United Kingdom

Using “Design Thinking” skills acquired in his Architectural education, he has built a career solving large strategic challenges by embracing the broadest possible variety of previously untapped disciplines in the search for new and better workplace solutions; anything from hospitality to data analytics, environmental psychology to stage-set design. These diverse contributions he has learned to integrate by creating common views of success subscribed to by all disciplines.

Chris has learned his craft throughout a thirty-year career at HP which included the development of pioneering office designs in Scandinavia, reinventing office lighting systems, the first free-address office in Thailand and the design and construction of a 93ksf office project in Seoul in just four weeks using an accelerated schedule to drive cost down…yes down. His largest single achievement was his leadership of HPs workplace transformation which, from 2008 to 2011, reduced the space footprint of 320,000 employees by nearly 60% and recast the remaining space into high performance workspace saving nearly a billion dollars in annual occupancy cost.

Along the way he has designed a school using the “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”, won the Corenet Global Innovation Award in 2008 for his development of sensor technology, started Workplace Communities at IFMA and Corenet, contributed chapters to two award-winning Workplace books and regularly delivers thought leadership pieces to magazines, publications and in-person at industry gatherings across the world. Most recently he was the recipient of the IFMA Workplace Evolutionaries 2017 “Excellence” award.

Following HP he spent five years with the US CBRE workplace team advising an impressive array of blue chip clients on strategic workplace opportunities and now does the same with Advanced Workplace Associates after returning to the UK after wondering the world for the last 38 years.