Based in San Fransisco, USA

Work and Learning are at the heart of Susan Stucky’s professional career. She has been a researcher and research manager both in the academy and industry. She has also advised and consulted in both the public and private sectors. Her passion has been to bring to life new ideas and concepts she judges will have positive impact in organizations or on society. Not just any idea or concept counts in this regard; her insistence on how people work and learn is based on how these activities actually unfold in the real world. That approach, she claims, provides a more effective foundation for change, whether it is in the context of the current push for digital transformation or in addressing the challenges and opportunities of the changing nature of work.

Since leaving IBM Research in 2014, Susan has been working as an advisor and consultant to institutes such as mediaX at Stanford, as part of thought leadership teams such as the Collabworks’ TLT, and with established companies and Silicon Valley start-ups alike. The consulting approaches she brings are scale agnostic – they play well in large ecosystems and small start-ups. Presently, her areas of focus include the design of work marketplaces and of service systems for value co-creation. As always, this work includes collaborating with clients to design and develop new ways of working in the face of new technology, new business process or facilities.

Susan has lived and worked in several places outside the US: Belgium, the Congo (Zaire at the time), India, Japan and Switzerland. She is at home in the San Francisco Bay area, living off the grid as she has for over 30 years. She enjoys (well, sometimes) debugging the electrical and water systems while always appreciating the contrast between the wildness she lives in and the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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