FutureWork Forum 650

Founded in 2003, FutureWork Forum works with senior management in public and private sector organizations to help them anticipate the future of work and develop strategies and plans that will help them achieve their objectives – inspiring, engaging and directing the best performance from their people.

We are a specialist consulting enterprise, a unique combination of independent, talented people who share an interest in helping organisations turn the future of work into a competitive advantage.

Who are we?

Architects and Industry analysts; people resource strategists; market researchers and media experts, personal coaches, mentors and motivators; presentation specialists; games creators; future-of-work planners; manpower experts; writers, editors and interviewers. The FutureWork Forum has every part of the future-of-work covered.

Most of the FutureWork Forum partners are former senior managers, who have developed successful independent consulting practices in key locations around the globe. Many have had senior HR positions in multinational companies. They all share an understanding that the future of work is not a theoretical subject but a topic that is a critical contribution to successful leadership.

What do we do?

The FutureWork Forum is devoted to exploring the working world of tomorrow. We do that by using the skills, experience and inventiveness of our partners – calling on them as necessary to assist in our own projects and the needs of our public and private client base. The broad range of talent assembled in our partnership ensures that we can respond to practically any request that concerns the future of work at anytime and anywhere around the globe. More than that, the contacts and relationships that the FutureWork Forum partners bring to the organization means that we can call on hundreds of other experts to solve problems and meet opportunities.

Examples of the work provided by the Forum are:

  • Advising and coaching leaders on workforce strategy
  • Providing keynote speeches on the future of work
  • Researching future-of-work issues
  • Acting as “expert witnesses” to organizations and institutions
  • Providing consulting services to senior managers on organizational change
  • Writing, reporting and presenting on future-of-work issues
  • Presenting, debating and chairing conferences and seminars on future-of-work issues
Mike Johnson

Message from the Chairman

There’s only one way to describe The FutureWork  Forum : An eclectic collection of people who share a deep interest (and we hope understanding) of the future of work and the workplace. We comprise a mix of experiences, expertise, ages and nationalities and we’d be delighted to discuss  ideas and opportunities (as well as concerns and dilemmas) with anyone. If you want to talk,  or add to the debate on ways of working in the world of tomorrow get in touch. We’re open to everyone. The FutureWork Forum is just that an open forum of ideas, come and help them make it work for a better workplace in the future.

Mike Johnson