Inspiration in print

Many of the Forum partners have decided to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the world through books and other publications. They are brimming with valuable guidance so you can be prepared for the challenges of today’s world of work.

Conquering Digital Overload
New Book from Forum Partners:

Conquering Digital Overload: Leadership strategies that build engaging work cultures

Now available as hardback or Kindle via Amazon

Today’s technology has revolutionized work patterns. We now work anywhere and any time and have become addicted to smart devices. Organizations have allowed this to happen without thinking through the implications for the workforce. The result is a long-hours, low productivity, stressful, unhealthy work culture. This book gathers together the views of over 15 experts from the Future Work Forum on how to solve this problem. The result is a wake-up call for leaders, showing how they have to change their behavior if they want to maintain an engaged workforce. It shows how traditional approaches to leadership are outdated in the digital age and shows a way forward to use technology to empower people not enslave them.

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