Do you want to be «Inspired at Work»? Are you willing to do something for it? Then we wrote this book for you! In six chapters – team spirit, leadership, communication, purpose, personal growth and social responsibility – you get 66 ideas and 15 case studies of innovative companies from Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and the USA for how to make it happen. It’s an easy, practical step-by-step guide that gives you everything you need to bring more inspiration and innovation into your work life.

Book Format

Written like a cookbook for company culture, each idea in «Inspired at Work» is presented as a recipe, i.e. it features an illustration by Culture Design Group gapingvoid, a brief description as well as sections such as «ingredients», «preparation» and «tips». The case studies feature interviews with company leaders who have successfully implemented some of these recipes in their own organizations, zooming in on the success factors and their motivation to make a change.

Target Audience

The book is for managers, human resource professionals, company founders and business leaders. It’s written for busy executives who wants to flip through a practical how-to guide with concrete ideas for how to improve various aspects of their company culture, such as team spirit, leadership, communication, purpose, personal growth and social responsibility.


“This book puts forward a novel and convincing concept for a different type of management handbook. It is filled with practical ideas that you immediately want to implement in your own organization.”Matthias Mölleney, HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration

“This book contains 66 original and creative recipes for business executives, company founders, managers, team leaders and HR professionals who are looking for inspiring ideas to do something special for their employees.”Migros Magazine

“This book contains a firework of ideas on how to improve team spirit, leadership, communication, purpose, personal growth and social responsibility in your company. It’s a must-read for every business executive… and a great gift for any boss.”Regula Zellweger, Affolter Anzeiger