‘Generation Jobless?’ uniquely explores the characteristics of both today’s and tomorrow’s youth and the causes of the youth unemployment crisis. The book takes a global, multi-stakeholder perspective to showcase proven solutions to tackle the crisis.Featuring interviews and input frombusiness leaders, policy makers, educators, entrepreneurs and the Next Generation itself, it offers a positive and constructive look at change by directing each group to become part of the solution and in particular youth to take on responsibility for themselves and their peers by turning into job creators rather than job seekers.


“Dr. Peter Vogel’s work on tackling youth unemployment around the world is inspiring and gives hope to those who feel like there is nothing left to hope for. This book is an excellent read for anyone who wishes to join the cause to create a better future for the generations to come. His mission is mine, to lay out a blueprint for those with aspirations and great ideas, so that they can become job creators, wealth creators, and in certain cases, go from unemployed to self-employed.”John Hope Bryant, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Operation HOPE

“Just as there is no shortage of work, there is equally no shortage of ideas. This book is full of them, and Peter Vogel’s display of them is impressive. The reader, at least this reader, left hopeful and solution-oriented, rather than wringing his hands, wondering whether anything could be done to turn generation jobless into generation jobfull”Dr. Duncan Campbell, Director Global Mega-Trends Team, International Labour Organization

“Generation Jobless? is a wonderful read and primer for anyone who cares to make a difference. Truly the best work I have read on the youth labor market crisis – and a personal invitation to each and everyone of us to take part in solving the crisis for our children.”Carsten Sudhoff, Founder and CEO Circular Society AG

“How might we best prepare students for the world of work in the 21st century? This thorough and timely book about the youth unemployment crisis describes interesting possibilities from around the world.”Charles Fadel, co-author of “21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times” and visiting practitioner, Harvard University

“The world of work is transforming at a furious, unprecedented pace, and young people are the ones that are hit hardest. This is a truly powerful book that gives us hope that it is not too late to avoid a generation jobless.”Mike Johnson, Chairman & Founder of the Futurework Forum and author of “The Worldwide Workplace: Solving the Global Talent Equation”

“Unemployment is casting a shadow over the lives of millions of young people around the world. Yet it goes unchecked because the solutions are often complex, opaque and require aligned action by multiple stakeholders. In this important and fascinating book Peter Vogel takes a positive and uplifting view of what it takes for a crisis to become an opportunity. Drawing on examples from across the world he shows how education, government and employees can each play their part. Most of the world’s most complex challenges require multi-stakeholder solutions – and this book shows the power of alignment.”Lynda Gratton, Professor at the London Business School and author of the book “The Shift”