Conflict costs organisations billions of pounds each year. It eats into time, morale and profits. It is the largest reducible cost in many organisations and the least recognised. Managers typically spend up to 25% of their time dealing with unnecessary conflict. This is time lost to creative, productive work. Tolerating conflict just does not make good business sense.
Shay McConnon shows you how to replace conflict with openness, trust and collaboration.

  • Understand why we are different from and often difficult for each other
  • Learn the four steps that guarantee you will manage differences without conflict or argument
  • Ways to disagree or challenge, yet keep rapport
  • What to say and do to build bridges and connect with others
  • Reduce the time lost through unproductive conflict
  • Create lasting win-win
  • Defuse explosive situations
  • Manage yours and other people’s anger
  • Deal with power plays

This book is about how to transform You against me to Us against the problem. It is about giving the reader more behavioural choices in managing differences. It leaves the reader better equipped to deal with differences and difficult behaviours and create collaborative relationships.


“Takes the finger-pointing out of conflict by giving insights into understanding yourself and others, and equips to solve problems together. The presentation is straightforward, and in bite sized chunks. Overall, a very readable and practical book with timely reminders and new perspectives to help reach the win-win of resolving conflict.”Victor Granville Reed

One of the best books I have read on conflict resolution in my 30+ years in the field Office of mediation The World Bank. Readable and accessible.”The Times