Based in Zurich, Switzerland

Afke Schouten is Founder of AI Bridge, a consulting and corporate training firm that has a mission to build the bridge between data science and business. This mission has evolved with over a decade of experience in international organizations working as Analytics Team lead, Analytics Translator and Senior Data Scientist.

Afke is passionate about helping organizations, in the form of training, coaching, or consulting. She is always positive and has the unique capability of linking complex business problems to data science challenges and asking the right questions at the right time. Her current focus is on educating and building leadership as well as the full workforce about the topic of Artificial Intelligence. She does so by designing academy programs as well as individual training sessions focusing on generating value for the organization.

She is a regular contributor on Towards Data Science and different national, and industry magazines. She heads up the Major AI as part of the Master of Digital business program at the HWZ university of Applied Science in Zurich. Here she also developed and leads the programs of AI Management and AI Operations and teaches in AI and AI Management.

In a volunteering role as president of a Swiss Korfball Federation, Afke builds and grows a sport and their people in the country. She holds a degree in Mathematics and Econometrics and Management Science, speaks fluent Dutch, English and (Swiss-) German. She has worked in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, and Switzerland.

Afke is a frequent speaker and moderator at conferences and corporate events. In the past she has presented at the Applied Machine Learning Days, corporate events, industry associations.