Based in Berlin, Germany

Patrick has bet his life on a new interaction quality in our organizations. He engages as a leadership-expert, Columnist, Bestselling Author and corporate activator in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Patrick has spent over 3 decades in top management positions in blue chip companies ranging from Bertelsmann to Cap Gemini, Dell, Deutsche Bank and EMC to Hitachi. In 2010 Hitachi nominated him to Manager of the Year.

With Beyond Leadership, which started in 2008, Patrick is on a quest to the source of human potential in our organizations and on a mission to activate and unleash that potential sustainably in any setting. True Organizational Empowerment as the foundation of success for a better future. He is active as a power speaker at major events and as a teacher at universities and business schools in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Vietnam and Slovenia.

Patrick trained as a Meteorologist in the US Navy and as a mainframe systems programmer at Control Data. Patrick is also a board member of the Initiative for Future Leadership in Stuttgart Germany.