Richard Savage

T: +44 (0)207 3596915

Based in London, UK

Richard is an experienced global HR leader, a coach and mentor. In his FWF role, he has worked on research projects including Youth Unemployment in Europe and is currently focussing on the impact of digital technology on the workforce.
As an HR Consultant, his focus is on ensuring HR delivers business value, which was his drive while holding senior HR leadership roles in Cadbury Schweppes, Quaker Oats and Nielsen, where he implemented innovative and effective HR strategies. He is a firm believer in inclusive talent development and engagement and of the need for a new model of leadership.
As a coach, Richard’s focus is on helping individuals/teams achieve targets, overcome hurdles and address issues. These tend to be short-term interventions when there is a specific need. Mentoring young people with career advice and those experiencing problems at work are performed pro-bono.
He holds advisory board positions in associated businesses. He is an accomplished conference presenter and has chaired the Richmond UK and European HR Forum.
Richard, who is based in London, spent sixteen years living in Brussels and five in Dublin. Living in London allows him to indulge his passion for Arsenal Football Club where he is a season ticket holder.