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    The Partners - Patrick Faniel

    CEO of UBIS

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Mr Faniel is the CEO of UBIS.  He joined the team in April 2011 to lead UBIS to its next development phase, from the start up situation.  After redefining the development strategy, he rebuilt a professional team on which we can count to ensure the growth, set up an international agent network in 30 countries, signed various alliance agreements with other universities and international partners, and repositioned UBIS as closer to the corporate world.  He changed the focus to a more “customer experience” oriented company and redeveloped products to differentiate on the market (short term industry specific certificates).  He attracted high level business people to join the faculty team and convinced them about the potential of UBIS.  In 2014 he acted as CEO of LCIBS, a London college bought by his group.

    Before joining UBIS, Mr Faniel was Customer Specific Solutions Director (VP Sales) at Management Center Europe (worldwide leader in strategy implementation – EMEA branch of American Management Association).  During 7 years, he transformed the corporate sales organization from a declining standard product structure into a growing solution-oriented department, with an international sales force based in several countries.  Clients were 400 of the 2000 biggest companies in EMEA. Mr Faniel was doing himself some business development (Barclays, Société Générale, Carrier, Cargill, …) and was especially active in the Gulf where he created the market for the custom-made solutions (15 % of the total turnover).   Mr Faniel was a member of the management committee, as well as of the international partners group (AMA) and participated to the redefinition of strategy, services and solutions.  He was part of the selection committee of faculty (high level international business people – CEOs, head of business units, …).

    Mr Faniel was during 2 years EMEA managing director for DFA , Intercultural Training, a US-based leading intercultural company.  For them he organized EMEA operations from scratch (set up of office, team, delivering capabilities, sales) and acquired clients like Total, Fortis, Delhaize, …

     Mr Faniel stayed more than 10 years with the leading provider of full immersion language training (CERAN) where he got various positions from business development manager, marketing manager, sales director,  finance director, to finally MD and CEO.  He managed the group during 4 years and doubled his capacity (14 locations in 8 countries – USA, Japan, Ireland, The Netherlands, …).  He participated actively, as Finance director, to the acquisition of the Group by a consortium of investors which became his Board during his CEO time (investors being 10 important Belgium companies).  The group had two main markets: corporate and juniors.  It could count on an international network of agents in 50 countries.  In various locations CERAN was welcoming more than 5000 people per year, from 50 nationalities.  He concluded various international partnerships and alliances (business development: relocation companies like Sirva, Cendant; airlines (like DeltaAirlines frequent flyer program), Transaero, …); and acquired shares in a couple of strategic companies (NetLeanLanguages – language training online; …).  He was part of all the Boards of the branches.

    He created his first company as a JV in 1994, in Poland. And is also the founder of InVice in 2003 (a company specialized in commercial outsourcing) – clients: Balingua (internet based language training), Living Abroad (services to expats), SalesBrain (neuromarketing) - and of KamelionWorld in 2008 (customer specific intercultural company)- type of clients: Belgacom, Dexia, Trobogenics, Novartis, Crédit Suisse, Akzo Nobel, … He served as member of the Board, during 9 years, at the local Chamber of Commerce (and participated to a merge between three chambers - regional).  He created also a non-profit company with friends to launch a “wine fair” in Belgium, which attracts every year for 7 years more than 500 people.  

    Patrick Faniel is a commercial engineer (HEC – master level); he has a special diploma in export management and did a BA executive program in Berkeley.  He speaks 4 languages (French, German, English, Dutch – with some knowledge of Spanish) and thanks to his international background and numerous travels, has a good intercultural knowledge.  His expertise: creation, business development, strategic alliances,  word of mouth management, customer specific solution.  Throughout the years he has accumulated an important business contacts network. 

    These resources are available for use in publishing articles for the press, magazines, interviews, broadcast and electronic media. The material should be used exclusively for Patrick Faniel and should not be used out of context or where Patrick in not the main focus of the article.

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