Speakers - Ben Emmens

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    Speakers - Ben Emmens
    Ben Emmens T: +44 (0) 7920 281866
    E: ben@benemmens.com


    • Human resources management and organisation development in INGOs: the challenges, experiences and competencies required, including how to assess humanitarian capacity, developing and rewarding talent including pay philosophy.
    • The future of work: resilience, purpose and the changing role of INGOs in society, and the talent challenges encountered by global non profits.
    • Leadership: including humanitarian leadership, engaging tomorrow’s leaders, developing leadership behaviours, shifting leadership culture and distributed leadership models .
    • Duty of care / wellbeing / stress and stress management: measuring and mitigating stress, dealing with burnout, safety and security in emerging markets; organisational frameworks for strengthening resilience.
    • Quality and accountability: engaging stakeholders, social audit and social responsibility and balancing the need for quality, professionalism and accountability with the voluntarist spirit and meaning well.

    Visit Ben's own web site www.benemmens.com

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