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Drawn from a broad based of experience, the FutureWork Forum partners are all masters of their profession. And what a collection: writers, artists, organizational planners, architects, market-researchers, motivational consultants, demographers – even a magician!

All have one thing in common, they are EXCEPTIONAL in both the things they have already achieved and in their ability to help public and private enterprise solve deep-seated problems and plan for tomorrow’s issues.

Each FutureWork Forum partner has made a major impact on their chosen field and continue – as teachers and mentors – to have considerable influence on their peers – especially on the next generation in their profession.

Not  just EXCEPTIONAL but a very diverse group too. A mix of talents from Europe and beyond, all used to working across borders and across cultures.

The FutureWork Forum isn’t just another group of consultants. These are EXCEPTIONAL people who can deliver EXCEPTIONAL results whenever and wherever organizations face future of work issues and seek real, practical action and real, useable answers.